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Nov 6, 2013

How To Lose Weight Quickly

Nov 6, 2013 - Agatossied by Kun Agatossi ·

how to lose weight quickly
Have thin or slim body that is a dream of all people, especially for women. In addition to beauty, also for health. Because if we have a body with excess weight or over weight will be very susceptible to disease. In this article we will share with you tips and how to attenuate weight quickly.

How To Lose Weight Quickly

1. Increase Time of Sports 
This method has been proven to be able to lose weight. You can start with a small sports such as roads and other place. To be effective you can make a regular schedule of exercise. You can also come to the gym and try to use the elliptical trainer for 40 minutes in 5 days, this will help you to lose weight, and of course your body will feel more fit.

2. Avoid Soft Drinks 
If you are used to drinking soda then subtract the start date or leave the drink. Because in a small bottle of the beverage berseoda there are 250 calories from sugar. For women who frequently consume soft drinks will be more likely to develop obesity. In fact not only obesity, but also diabetes and osteoporosis.

3. Forget Junk Food 
Did you know that fast food is loaded with calories. And calories in fast food is mostly from fat. In fact, one serving of fast food especially junk food type contains the total number of calories we need in one day. Then reduce the consumption of fast food, if thought maybe you could cook yourself, so your body will always move, of course, this can also reduce the weight even though not much.

4. Reduce Portion of Eating
If you are used to overeat, start now cut back your portions. This of course takes patience, but this way you can lose weight.

5. Eat More Often In Small Portions
Eat small meals more often aims to reduce your hunger, so that it can prevent hunger and desire to eat excessive.

6. Expand Fruit and Vegetables
Renew your habits eating potato chips or chocolate with fruit and vegetables. That way you will get 2 profit, which reduces weight and get healthy nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

7. Drink Before Eating
Did you know that drinking turns white water 5-10 minutes before a meal can reduce your hunger. 5-10 minutes before a meal so make sure you drink plain water first, this could mengurasi portions you eat, because you're feeling a little full.

8. Find Diet Program Helps Application
Well for how to lose weight naturally this one is unique and modern. Namely the application of diet program. Now it's a lot of apps to help ease the diet program. You can look it up on Google or place your application in accordance gadgets, such as if android can visit the Android Market.

9. Replace White Rice with Brown Rice
Solution if you want to slim down in a short time is to replace white carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates. These carbohydrates take longer to be digested by the body, making the stomach feel full longer. Plus because it's hard to digest, so the body uses a lot of energy which is useful to reduce calories. Brown rice, potatoes (boiled), nuts and whole grain breads are included in the group of complex carbohydrates that are rich in fiber.

10. Avoid Fried Food
Eat foods that are boiled, roasted, spiced, steamed or soup. And less fried foods. This is because fried foods are potentially save the trans fats that can raise cholesterol and cause excessive accumulation of fat in the body. 

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Oct 30, 2013

How To Start A Fitness For Beginners

Oct 30, 2013 - Agatossied by Kun Agatossi ·

start a fitness
Fitness for beginners start at the beginning it was the spirit and enthusiasm while undergoing however, sometimes there are a few times in practice are not coming anymore. It is often the case especially for the beginners who are just setting foot in the gym center. Strenuous physical exercise in a short period of time it does not become a barrier for beginners is to continue to survive until I showed him the results. For those of you who intend to start this fitness, it helps to read the first reviews of this article about fitness.

Things to Look For Starting Fitness

Activity which requires regularity schedule and also many things that must be adhered to in the long term, it makes boredom and eventually into retreat. Though fitness is a great way to start a healthy lifestyle a better future. Environment at the site of the new fitness center is usually surrounded by people who are healthy so that we can think more positively to a healthy life. To instill positive thoughts it's need to be built to start fitness for beginners, including the following: 

  • Find your inner motivation - Ask yourself exactly in what you want when deciding to fitness? To lose weight, build muscle or just want to live a healthy lifestyle alone? If you have it, of course, could be the driving force to get it. Instill motivation in yourself so that when the exercise being boring look back at yourself, whether the result is I get?
  • Determine the level of your health - Fitness is one type of exercise so strenuous, it is advisable to check to your doctor about your health. This measurement is done ditujukkan health to see what type of exercise is good for you. Consult your trainner at the gym for a workout plan that is tailored to the purpose of checking the health and fitness you desire.
  • Plan fitness program - Sports fitness takes a long time span so that the necessary preparedness planning well timed. Customize with your daily schedule, for example if you use the time to work on weekdays to schedule your weekend fitness however, obey the fitness schedule with full responsibility.

Starting a Fitness With The Correct Way

A variety of sports have their own methods for training like fitness training using a variety of tools. Here are some ways to make fitness the right way:

  1. Find out about the different types of fitness equipment used, about how and functions. 
  2. Observe the instructions given for how to use the tools trainner before the start.
  3. Perform exercises gradually example, first use weighing 5kg load then gradually added burden.
  4. Light warm up before exercise and cool down afterwards.
  5. Maximum results are also determined by what kind of food you eat every day. Stay away from foods high in calories, fat and sugar content. 

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Oct 13, 2013

Pappaseng Tomatoa

Oct 13, 2013 - Agatossied by Kun Agatossi ·

Sadda mappabbati, ada mappabbati gau, gau mappabbati tau.

Aja’ muangoai onrong, aja'to muaccinnai tanre tudangeng, nasaba de tu mullei padecengi tana, risappapo mu ompo, rijello' po mu akkengau.

Tellu ri ala sappo, mitau ri Puangnge, siri ri watakkale, siri ri padatta' rupatau.

Allupai pappadecemmu lao ri padammu rupatau, ingngerangngi pappijamu lao ri padammu rupatau.

Iyyapa na ri isseng lamunna na loanna saloe, rekko purai ri attengngai.

Aja' mucapa'i lempue, malempuko mumadeceng bicara mumagetteng.

Temmate lempue, temmaruttung lappae, teppettu maompongnge, teppolo massalemoe. 

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Oct 9, 2013

5 Habits of Innovative People

Oct 9, 2013 - Agatossied by Kun Agatossi ·

innovative people
Have you ever seen people who are very innovative and feel they are special beings blessed with talent? Have you ever felt that you were not lucky? I used to feel like this. I've learned that innovation is more about psychology than intellect, and there are no secrets to be innovative. Actually, there is no such thing as "be more innovative", you actually have to be an innovative creature.

I'm sure we can all remember times when we feel stuck trying to do things that are innovative. Did you know that the limit is only your mind at work? Your mind has created all sorts of assumptions, constraints and barriers that limit themselves. I have found that we can remove this assumption just by being at this point, start doing, and stop thinking.

Here are 5 habits that are found in people who are very innovative and creative are summarized from the book "The Myths of Innovation" by Scott Berkun.

1. Persistence
Innovation involves more than just great ideas. We need faith, hard work and a keen focus on the end result to survive on our vision in the face of obstacles and hurdles. We tend to see the end result of an innovative idea, but what we do not see is action, hard work and perseverance is behind the scenes to make that vision a reality. "Invention is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration" -Thomas A. Edison-

2. Eliminate Self, Limiting Habits
Under the magic barriers / obstacles, we feel confined and trapped. We need to break free from these thoughts by eliminating assumptions and restrictions. This is what we mean when we say "think outside the box". Push ourselves to be open to new ideas and solutions without setting limiting beliefs. Remember, innovation is more about psychology than intellect.

3. Take Risks, Make Mistakes
I believe that part of the reason why we restrict ourselves are our fears to fail. Think always that some ideas will indeed fail for the learning process. Make a lot of prototypes, tested on people, gather feedback, and make changes gradually. Compared treat mistakes as failures, think of it as an experiment. "The experiment was a failure that is expected to be accidentally learn something." - (Scott Berkun). Do not punish yourself for failure, otherwise accept failure, take this newfound knowledge for yourselves and go back to look for the best solution. Remain in your goal to produce the best results, but still have to understand that you will probably hit a rock obstacles along the way. "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that do not work. " -Thomas A. Edison-

4. Escape, Our Environment Greatly Affects How We Feel.
The more relaxed and calm us internally, we enter the realm easier to be innovative in our minds. This is why the ideas sometimes come to us when they are in the shower or when we are alone. Each one of us has a different trigger to access our innovative energy. Many great minds go out a walk to look for solutions to their problems. Experiment and find what works well for you.

5. Jot down ideas, Many innovators and innovative people keep a journal to write down ideas and thoughts.
Some keep a sketchbook, scrap books, post-it notes, or blank paper. They all have a method to capture their minds, to think on paper, to overcome their obstacles and launch innovative process. For information, records of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci was purchased by Bill Gates for $ 30.8 Million dollars. 

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